Concentration of Time

Concentrate your sales time so that it leaves you feeling more efficient and effective at the end of each sales day.

Utilizing Category Days which are defined as days to focus the 6 key areas of business.

These key areas of business are classified as Business Mapping Components. These are the various components of where you can concentrate your time in your agency.

  • Dashboard & Metrics: Tracking key categories to drive impact & revenue
  • Sales & Process: Messaging to customers, Onboarding, User Experience with clients
  • Clients & Partners: Prospect and Client details
  • Products & Services: Product development, Product details/delivery
  • Marketing & Branding: Website, Copywriting, Brand Attributes
  • Operations & Team: Operation Details, Planning, Vision, Team details


After you identify the categories in your day, you can carve out block time which can be defined as Time in your calendar that has a specific amount of time (e.g. 15 min, 30 min or 60 min). The more you practice this, the more you are able to make progress in the areas of progress you want.

Break your day into different business mapping components and set up block time so you can make consistent progress through your concentration of time.

Questions to concentrate on sales

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