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send thank yous


When you send thank yous in the mail, you quite literally and figuratively cuts through the clutter of their inbox. 

Think about how you feel when you get one. What do you do when you get a handwritten card in the mail? Is it one of the first pieces you read through?

When was the last time you got one? 

Thank yous offer so many benefits that don’t much and they…: 

  • help you stand out after a new meeting. 

  • grow your relationship with existing clients.

  • Connect you to a feeling of gratitude…gratitude begets gratitude.

If it doesn’t already, part of your sales process should include sending a handwritten thank you. 

The lasting effects are well worth the effort.

Personally, I walked into follow up sales meetings and found my thank you note on their desk or pinned to the wall.

Here are a few items to remember so you can more easily accomplish

  1. Have thank yous in your office. Having the physical cards allow you to pull out the number of thank you notes you want to write for the week and start.

  2. Have stamps on hand. The next time you are at the post office, pick up a couple sheets of stamps to have on hand (and keep them in the same draw as your physical thank you cards.)

  3. Save the address of meeting contacts in ONE contact list. Whatever database you use keep your contacts and address in one place (ideally in a Customer Relationship Management tool). Even if it’s a spreadsheet make sure you save the details so the next time you need to send a thank you note, you can.

  4. Make it a habit. Set an appointment on your calendar to write thank you notes. You’ll review the previous weeks meetings, add any addresses to the contact list, write out the thank you notes and put the stamp on and send.

Not having any of the above will derail you from completing the simple yet profound activity.

Next step: Schedule a reminder on your calendar to purchase whatever supplies you need.

The reason most (sales) people don’t do it is because they are missing one of the items which makes it more difficult to do so they don’t. 

You’ll be surprised at the “thank you” you receive back when you send thank yous.

Express your gratitude, stay top of mind and win more business.  

What else would you like to learn about to help you grow? 

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