Sales Team Alignment (PIF)

During your Annual program looking to exponentially grow their bread and butter services that can scale very quickly and have a number of team members following a reproducible sales process.


Product description

The Sales Team Alignment Program focuses your sales efforts what drives agency sales most…follow up. You’ll write out the those successful sales steps to free up your time so you sell more with less effort. You’ll identify clearly which contacts to follow up with. You will begin using your CRM consistently in minutes a week. Build sales momentum into a structure with sales productivity coaching sessions over the next year.

See your sales process come to life inside your advanced mind map. Worksheets guide the clean up of your “dirty data” so you send the proper message to your audience with confidence. Best practice templates ensure your communication will keep you persistent, not pesky.

Build sales follow up into a reproducible process with the philosophy: “flick one domino and having twelve fall.” One action, and many other things in your sales follow up happen.

Kickoff to First Quarter Includes:

  • Eight (8) hour Sales Mapping Day to review your Before the Journey Intake. (First quarter only)
  • Advanced Mind Map to gain clarity of areas or priority.
  • Weekly coaching to ensure you (and your team) can build on the productivity habits and sales strategies over time. Up to 24 sessions (each quarter).
  • Interview 6 employees and 6 customers for deeper insights/their stories to share internally. (First quarter only)
  • Sales operations manual template to get ideas out of your head in a structured format so more ideas out of your head in a scripted format for team to follow.
  • Scripting, process with questions per client touch point, email process creation for easier follow up.
  • Customized CRM development (e.g. Hubspot, Keap, ActIve Campaign) with naming strategies to import cleaned-up client and prospect list.
  • Co-Development of CRM templates to build an adding value sequence for prospects/clients to tell your story to eventually utilize in sequences.
  • Deal flow with filters to track your sales funnel to identify insights into top prospects for you and your team in minutes a week.

Annual Program Includes:

  • All of the above.
  • Weekly coaching to ensure you build on the sales productivity habits and sales strategies over time. Up to 72 sessions (over remaining 3 quarters)
  • Monthly Executive Team one (1) hour call to discuss sales alignment and work through productivity issues. (over remaining 3 quarters)

Consulting Support During Annual Program Includes:

  • Accountability to support building you and/or your sales team follow up habits.
  • Email coaching support between sessions.
  • Templates for Scripting, process with questions per client touch point, email process creation for easier follow up.
  • Consulting support with strategies to organize ideas
  • Customized Friday Productivity Report to track weekly momentum.

Designed for Marketing Firms looking to align their sales team with their reproducible sales process to grow your agency easier. 100% Money Back Guarantee.