Agency Sales Process

agency sales process

first steps to an agency sales process

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With limited time, what information do you have that can add value “on the ready” that can help you more easily follow up with prospects?

Take time to strategize and build a strategy using your best information. 

The first step is to review past emails and communications that prospects commented on were helpful. See the section (below) called Simple steps.

I heard years ago at a Tony Robbins event “success leaves clues.” What clues have been left behind. 

When you offer valuable insights that have proven can allow you a chance to more easily follow up.

Take the time for strategy.

Without strategy, you might hit resistance: You’ll find yourself asking the questions: What do I send? Is it worthwhile? 

I have heard too many clients tell me over the years “it’s difficult to follow up with leads even when they do get time in your day because they wonder what to send them. “

Your goal should be to send prospects information that deepens the relationship as a trusted advisor. 

What happens past the resistance:  You KNOW exactly what you can follow up with them about next time.You stand out as someone by having valuable follow up information most relevant to the challenges that they face. Eliminate leads falling through the cracks waiting on “what you will send them.”

Simple steps: Find something to share that ties into the discussion points from your meeting. 

  • Do you have a case study your team put together? 
  • Can you share a digital copy of your book? 
  • Copy of another book that you found valuable.
  • Do you have a blog that is valuable and helps your prospect? 
  • Do you have a recorded talk that explains more detail?
A great first step to your agency sales process is to start with things that have already worked in the past.
Let me know what you would like to read up on related to sales. 

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