Sales Process Journaling is a Great Habit

Journaling is a good habit

Journaling is a great way to record your thoughts, ideas, struggles, and triumphs. Creating a sales process journal allows you to focus your efforts into improving the gaps that may be missing.

Sales process journaling provides an opportunity to see what is and isn’t working and provides a way for you to track items you want to work on. Sales process journaling captures your process into a step by step guide; in this way, you can identify areas where you need to improve and ways to build upon your great ideas.

Owner Best Practices

Many successful owners are involved in entrepreneurship groups. These groups invite you to step away from your business so you can work “on your business, not in it.” It also orients your thoughts and ideas through questions and discussions. Oftentimes, owners share practical experience of steps they have taken and even speak out new ideas and can process a strategy in real time. After a clearer strategy picture is described, the next thing to do is write it down, or capture it. This capture step helps you “see the invisible.” When you “see the invisible” after capturing it, you can focus your attention on that strategy.

Freeing up mental clutter allows your thoughts to be seen and compared with how they may (or may not) be in alignment with your goals. When you sales process journal, you are able to refine it and have a clearer understanding of what is going on “in your head” and what gaps can be closed in your process.

Replay, Repeat, Relive

What if you looked back on the meetings with ideal prospects and break down your best practices? Through sales process journaling, allows you to “see the invisible” on what things you did well. The best part from this activity, is that you can share this sales process journal with existing and new AEs so they can hit the ground running instead of the normal training of “what what I am doing on sales calls” which keeps all of their success in your hands. As an owner, you don’t need that responsibility, you can guide and point where they (the AE) can improve.

There are a number of different scenarios when dealing with a complex sales funnel that involves many months, multiple decision makers, including the Marketing Director and also a different approach to the decision maker who can say yes to switch agencies combined with the goals of the prospect lining it up with your agency’s focus.

Start Now

So you have some mile markers along the way, download the 5 Must Knows for Growing Your Agency Easier. It offers questions to pick specific stages of your sales process and begin capturing. As you focus on one area of your sales process, you’ll learn how to save time on sales, close bigger and bigger deals, prioritize your day and identify gaps in your sales process.

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